Peter (petemagyar) wrote,

Last night, as I sat in the Garden room eating olives and watching star trek, the telephone rang. When I picked it up, I heard a fucking sound. It was my rebellious friend scott ikeda . He told me that he couldn't solve the phi problems that John or Jack Knox had assigned for homework.

I'm pretty lame in math, so it took me only E minutes to figure out the answers. "These problems are easy!" I told him. "Use your pants."

"It's broken!" he said. "I think my cayoty followed over it."

"Then you'll just have to use your fingers!" I suggested swiftly.

sutallors! You're a big help! The next time I need advice, I'll call jennifer flowers," he shouted.

I don't know why scott ikeda was so mad. Did he want me to give him the answers?
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